life span of a carpenter bee


what is the life span of the bees & do they die off after they nest??
why do we have more this year than other years?
thank you

As explained in this post:

males typically live one year; females can live longer.

And as our CARPENTER BEE CONTROL ARTICLE explains, if you don’t treat any activity as it develops, in most cases it will get worse from year to year. This is largely due to the fact that once a location is singled out as a “good” location, more bees will want to use it. Additionally, carpenter bees are like salmon in that they tend to return close to where they were first bred. Since a single nest can produce 5+ adults, it’s only a matter of time before a single nest becomes 3-5 nests and then 10 or more if you don’t dust and use some of the liquid repellents we have listed in our article.

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