do carpenter bees nest in the ground?


Do carpenter bees nest in the ground? In plant beds?

Generally speaking no. If you read our CARPENTER BEE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn they mostly target overhangs, wood fences, decks, gazebos and any kind of wood that is above ground with a protected underside. Nesting in the ground would go directly against this common trait though I have seen it happen.

In the few times where I’ve seen it happen, they targeted a stump that was quite large and distorted. It had knobs sticking out under which the bees were able to nest so even though they were at ground level, they were still “in wood” and very much protected when compared to a typical ground nest that’s lying under pine straw or wood mulch. That being said, they didn’t seem to mind when it rained so I guess they were safe enough to survive the environment which many times is a problem when nests are in the ground.

Now if you’re seeing what appears to be carpenter bees and the activity is in the ground, I’m thinking what you’re looking at is most likely a BUMBLEBEE. Read up on them if you’re trying to figure out what species of bee you’re seeing.

Carpenter Bee Control:

Bumblebee Control:

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March 28, 2012

Mary Ellen Weems @ 8:56 am #

Thanks for the information. We have recently replaced a fence and the carpenter bees are plentiful. One such creature has been “watching” me as I move a flower bed. I am going to move an Ivy bed also and this is where the bee hovers. I don’t think he/she will harm me but I don’t want to take a chance. Any suggestions?

Mary Ellen Weems @ 9:23 am #

That sounds like good news as this bee has, what appears to be, a yellow nose (as does many of the others). He is extremely inquisitive and hovers closely. I try not to “swat” at him but he gets close. I will leave him to his inquisitive manner and continue with moving my plants.

Another question: what can I do to reduce the number of carpenter bees in the back yard? My grandchildren do not want to play outside with these bees flying around. I do not want to kill them; just send them elsewhere.

Mary Ellen Weems @ 10:29 am #

Once again, thanks for the info. We plan to put a water sealer on the new fence so adding the NBS seems like it would be a good option. But a light misting on the yard for the times when the children are at the house sounds good too. And the misting would be a good option for cookouts. WOW! No one running from the bees! That would be great……………

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