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Hi, I am contacting you to inquire about what product and equipment you can recommend to get rid of bees that living under my wood siding.  Is this a job I can do myself or should I just call a professional.


Getting rid of bees under wood siding is pretty easy. Carpenter bees will many times drill holes through siding following this exact pathway. The overlapping planks or shakes will provide ample protection from the elements and with very little work, they can create a secure and well protected nest in which to raise their young. Yellowjackets and other wasps like to nest in such cracks and crevices as well and though they don’t drill through the wood like carpenter bees, they can usually find a large enough space between the siding to keep them happy. European Hornets or Honey Bees can create large nests in these same areas so having a problem in wood siding is actually quite common.

Since you don’t cite which type of “bee” you think is active, I’m reluctant to say to proceed with what might sound like the logical choice being a simple dusting. If you have carpenter bees, treating under the siding with some Pyganic Dust and a Centro Duster would be all that’s needed. The same would be true if you have common paper wasps. But if this “bee” is actually honeybees, European Hornets or Yellowjackets, you’ll have to try one of the other treatment options listed in their respective articles (with the links conveniently included above).

So in summary, if in fact you think these bees are just carpenter bees, treat the siding as explained in our carpenter bee article. If you suspect it could be one of the other “bees or wasps” I mentioned, read up on that particular pest to learn just what you need to do or give us a call on our toll free at 1.800.877.7290 and one of our reps will be able to further advise.

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