How to get rid of carpenter bees


I’m seeing carpenter bees flying around the front of my house. I don’t think they’re nesting yet but they won’t go away. How do I get rid of carpenter bees – what do I have to do to make them leave? I did have some holes in my fence but I treated them and sealed them up last year. Could these be the same bees?

Carpenter bees tend to return to areas where good nest sites can be created. If you had them nesting last year, chances are high some more will come around looking to make new nests in the same location. Do a good inspection to make sure they haven’t drilled new nest holes yet. Carpenter bees are mostly active in the spring, which is now, and this is the time to spray with some Cypermethrin over the wood where they want to drill new nests. This will stop them and make them move elsewhere. If you do find new holes, be sure to treat with the Drione.

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