huge wood eating bees!


I live in NC if that makes a difference; I don’t know. We have huge wood eating bees that buzz around our smoke house all day. There is a pile of wood dust from were they been eating at the wood on the side of the shed. So far they have not bit any one. We moved here from NH a yr. ago and never seen bees like this. They let you get close to them and they do not try to land on you but it is scary when you are in the shed and they come in. We tried different insect sprays and I even caught a few and stepped on them but there are so many. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like carpenter bees. I suggest you read our online CARPENTER BEE CONTROL article. After reading it you’ll learn what you need to do if you wish to treat the existing nests and what to spray to keep new ones away. If you still have questions give us a call. Given that it’s spring, this problem will remain active for another few months unless treated.


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