bee bomb for under deck


we see bees flying down under our deck which is 1 foot off the ground.  we do not know where the nest is.  is there a product, like an aerosol bomb that can be thrown under the deck to kill them?
thank you for your advice.

In general, total release aerosols are about the most ineffective way to treat any pest problem. They have limited potential due to the fact that they spew chemical out in all directions and don’t do a good job getting it where it matters the most: the target insect’s nest. Though they might impact exposed insects which cannot hide from the treatment, bees and other flying insects can easily avoid the spray. And since there will be little to no effective residual from the application, there will be no material left behind to kill bees that return after the aerosol is gone. I’m afraid for your problem a total release aerosol just isn’t a good option.

To treat this space under your deck effectively, you should dust with DRIONE. It’s light and airy and when applied will float around penetrating all the locations any bee might be going. If you view the Drione Dust video, you’ll see how it’s like a smoke making it the ideal product to use.

Drione can be used for wasps and bees and you can read more about treating under low lying decks in this post:

Here is a link to our Carpenter Bee Article and Drione:


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