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Last year some bees made my porch their home. I googled “carpenter bees”. The pics i saw were of small carpenter bees. When i saw your video, i said to myself, those are the bees living in my porch. They are about an inch long, is that normal ? Some are black in color, with either yellow or white on their backs. My wife wants them gone, and the kids don’t want to go on the porch. Can you please send me the safest way to get rid of them for good.
Also, what can i do for wasp’s living near the porch as well ? They have made a nest by the window frame, they don’t bother me as much; though i want them gone too.
Any info will help alot. Thank You.

There are many species of wood boring bees (carpenter bees) and the ones you describe are definitely “normal”. The best way to treat these bees is with the Drione Dust listed in our Carpenterbee Control article. Plug the holes using the Corks and then spray with Cypermethrin to prevent new nests. You’ll need a good Pump Sprayer for the treatment.

The good news is that these same two products will work quite well for wasps. If the wasp nest is directly accessible, treat it with some of the Cypermethrin and you’ll be able to kill it on contact and prevent them from forming new nests with a good spraying. If the nest is somewhere behind the siding or other inaccessible space, treat the entry points with the Drione.

When clicking on the above listed products you will see we have links to organic or “alternative” products which are quite effective too. These other options won’t last as long as the Drione and Cypermethrin but they are made from plant extracts and have proven to work. If safety is your utmost concern, these options will provide relief and can be used with confidence. In place of the Cypermethrin, use the ECO IC. In place of the Drione, go with the ECO Exempt Dust.

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