Got a bad CARPENTER BEE problem? Are they drilling into your home, shed, fence or something else on your property? Are they “attacking” and “dive bombing” the family?

Well, we can help. We offer professional grade pest control products that can knock out and keep these destructive bees off your home and property.  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE..

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I just wanted to say thanks again for your website and information. I found it last year when combating carpenter bees on our kid’s playset. I did everything you suggested and put the NBS30 additive on the playset when I restained it. We have NO BEES this year and all the neighborhood kids have been back and playing on it like crazy!!!

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We have noticed a carpenter bee problem on the outside of our sunroom. The area is located in a hidden area underneath the aluminum flashing corner where the side and front meet. Bees have been going in and out of a small hole between that area. We have tried about three cans of Spectricide spray for carpenter bees and sprayed inside going in both directions. That did not seem to help the problem at all. Tearing up the flashing is not an option due to the expense. Hoping you can help me with a less costly solution.

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I have a redwood fence so infected with carpenter bees that I intend to take it down and either burn it or take it to the dump. There was major bee activity this spring and now is very quiet (only three or four flying around). Should I take it down now or wait until late fall? I plan to replace the fence and possibly treat the new fence with Drione.

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We recently have noticed a carpenter bee every so often in the early morning hours or overnight in our home. A total of 6 so far in the last 4 to 6 weeks. Last night I was stung in middle of night. My husband also recently built us a king size log bed frame…. we put that in the room the 2nd week of January. .. & have noticed the bees since… could they be coming out of the bed? I’ve read on here that they can’t survive in home so I wouldn’t think they could but we’re confused as to why we have bees. Our bedroom has a balcony & doors.. I’m unsure where to check & I’m unsure what I’m looking for. I don’t know what the holes look like. Could you please help us find these? I don’t want a bigger problem. .. is it possible that these bees were in the wood already? We polyurethaned the posts.

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I recently discovered I have carpenter bees burrowing into my hedges and they have effectively killed several sections of hedges. How can I get rid of them?

Carpenter bees will many times target dead or live trees or shrubs for nesting. And in some cases, if there are enough nests drilled on a live tree or shrub, the impact can be significant.

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Greetings. I have an existing carpenter bee infestation. I have read and understand what I need to do to treat the nest. It is now the end of August. The bee activity is low. When should I treat the nest with dust? Now, or next year? Thanks.

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I noticed that there were two holes made by carpenter bees on my doorframe – I sprayed insecticide and also bordered up the holes with steel wool. I watched the carpenter bees try to get thru the steel wool and they were unsuccessful – that was 2 days ago and they have not been back. My question is if in fact larvae had been laid in the wood prior to me sealing the holes, can that larvae do any damage?

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Hi! How are you? I just moved into an apartment on the second floor. I noticed that I have 2 large Carpenter bees floating around on my balcony and I am allergic to bees. I enjoy to spend my time outside with my dog but I do not wish to get stung. I read on your site about the nesting, but to be honest I don’t know where it would be. I would like to get rid of them or get them away so I don’t have to panic every time I walk outside. If you can give be a bit of advice on what to do, it would be helpful. There is also a tree below and in front of my balcony so again im not sure where the nest is coming from. Please help. Thank you.

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I have several holes on the upstairs window sill which is very high up, too high to climb since the ground is not level or stable under where I need to get to dust these holes. Since it is outside a window, we are tossing around the thought of cutting a hole in the window and handling the problem from the inside of the house. How long after I dust do I need to wait before I cork the hole(s)? And if I do nothing about this problem, will it just continue season after season? Thank you very much.

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I have bees under my deck. I can’t get to the holes so what do you suggest I do? Is there something I can spray or a container I can put out to trap them? I’m desperate, they’re driving me crazy and scaring my grandkids. Thank you, Barbara.

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We have a huge carpenter bee issue at home. They love our wood deck, cedar trim, and composite siding. I cannot go outside with my kids to play (2 & 1 yr) because they attack us. We paid someone to treat them last year and they are back. If we use your products and ARE able to rid them from our house, how do we keep them from coming back since our neighbors and neighborhood is infested with them?? They are everywhere!!!!! Evening walking down the side walk, they will chase you. I get attacked everyday I try to get our mail (from our wooden mailbox). I am so frustrated!!!

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Will replacing the redwood facia under the gutters with composite deter the carpenter bees from boring holes?

No. Composite wood is still wood. And if you read our carpenter bee control article, you’ll learn they’re attracted to anything wood and in fact, they actually love composite.

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I was wondering if they have teeth and if not, how do they drill their holes?

Carpenter bees don’t have teeth. But what they do have are mandibles and they use their mandibles like teeth. Basically they use them to cut and tear through wood they target for nest making.

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I noticed a carpenter bee at my balcony window yesterday which I sprayed and killed. Today I decided to spray around the balcony door outside and a few minutes latter I noticed that one big carpenter bee came through the net inside my living room. It made a few circles around the room and then disappeared between the desk and the window. I looked for the bee everywhere but could not find it. I’m afraid it might be somewhere in my wooden furniture. What should I do? Please help!!? Thank you so much in advance!!

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I have a problem with carpenter bees in my basement year after year. I have vinyl siding over wood siding. Can’t locate where they are coming in. Could they be coming in under siding in holes in basement wall which is a stone wall? What would I look for outside to find them?

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I’ve been seeing this huge bee flying around my house.  It’s at least twice the size of a normal bee. It’s black and kind of has an orange color on its rear end. Do you know what kind of be that is and if its harmful to animals or humans?

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